Thursday, June 23, 2005

Me with Green

Head and Tree

Finger Above Eye

Eyes Closed Up

Blind Waterhead Dogboy 3

Blind Waterhead Dogboy 2

Blind Waterhead Dogboy

Finger on Temple

Near ground

More with Head on Carpet

Cropped Eye Near Ground

Eye Near Ground

Open Mouth with Teeth

Laying on Floor with visible nosehairs



Horsehead and Skull

Plastic animals, cord, and wall

Head, Horse, and Skull


Horse and Skull

More like the last two

More Horse, Skull, and Hu-man

Horse (Plastic), Skull (Porcelain), Human

I like scientific illustrations and diagrams

Skulls with droplets of paint

This is almost exactly like the bike I got when I was 6

Hand Trees and the Green

Out of focus in trees

Me with pond scum

More hand brush and pond scum


Center of Attention

A drawing with heads and more

A list

Another lecture drawing

Drawing from lecture

Drawing from a lecture


Freakish little collage

The crew of the submarine Trieste welcome you.

This was an uncharacteristic painting I made a while back. I really got into the deckle created by acrylic polymer and then wax on the edge of the board. This can only be seen on one edge because the painting was just slightly too big for the scanner bed.

Drawing of an Arm

Noble Sock Monkey

Cropped Face with Pond Scum

Fingers, Pond Scum, Plants

A Scanned Foot


Graze Free, Happy Buffalo!

Guitars, Red Eye, and Yellow