Monday, July 11, 2005

Brightly Colored Saturated Pietsch

Cool Super Saturated Kurt

Super Saturated Kurt

Kurt 2

Kurt again

Dead Trees cooled down

Dead Trees Warmed Up

Sepia Dead Trees and Tangles

Dead Trees and Tangles

Hard Edge Gray

More Contrast

A Second Version

My Face Cropped

Marge and Ruth Supersaturated

Saturated Marge and Ruth

Marge and Ruth 3

Blue Marge and Ruth

Ruth and Marge

Hard Edge Tangle

Dude 8

Dude 7

Dude 6

Dude 5

Dude 4

Dude 3

Dude 2


Red Headphones



Cool Yard

Dark Yard

Saturated Yard

The Yard

Brighter Rock and Roll

Bright Green Rock and Roll

Who Loves Rock and Roll Sepia

Who Loves Rock and Roll 3

Who Loves Rock and Roll 2

Who Loves Rock and Roll

The image formerly known as the Lonely Brontasaurus

Lonely Brontasaurus

Me in Brown

Animals and Cord Again

Saturated Animals

Plastic Farm Animals and Cord 2

Plastic Animals on Table w/ Cord

Me 3

Me 2