Sunday, July 17, 2005

Ink Drawing


Craig Newsom said...

I've developed a short play around this one:

Early dawn, orange/pink sunlight slides through a slit under bedroom curtain. Sound of snoring, then startled, Bryan sits bolt upright in bed. He notices a figure sitting across the room, barely illuminated. He gets out of bed, opens the curtain to find the ghost of Tolouse Lautrec sitting across from his bed.

Ghost of Tolouse (GOT): Draw me.
Bryan (B): OK. All I've got is this walnut ink.
GOT: That'll do.
B: Hold on.
GOT: 'K.
B:What's it like being dead.
GOT: Not bad. I'm taller now.
B: Did that bother you in life.
GOT: Not really. Although, I was a little taller than Jose Ferrar on his knees.
B: Right.
GOT: You done yet.
B: Yes, here you go.
GOT looks at drawing.
GOT: Not bad, well, I gotta get going.
B: See you.
GOT: Have a better one.

Curtain closes.

Bryan said...

How about actually performing that and then videotaping it?

Craig Newsom said...

Certainly - I'll videotape it - but you'll have to star in it. I would volunteer to be the ghost of Lautrec - but I think it would be better if you'd construct some kind of cloth mannikin with lautrec's face on it to sit in a chair across from your bed. We can submit it to next year's Sundance.

Bryan said...